Fucking a nice piece of thug ass!

September 7, 2011

We were out doing street interviews in the street and of course looking for Thugs to fuck. When we found ourselves in the midst of a ghetto gawker. He saw that we had our camera and thought we’re the news. He wanted to be on TV and he wouldn’t shut up about it at all! If fact the only time he ever shut up was when we put a dick in his mouth. He wanted to be on TV right, we put him on to something better ThugHunter and he was our latest target.

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Jamie, finally gets fucked!

July 9, 2011

Broke Straight Boys

Mick fucks Jamie's virgin ass

Broke Straight boy Jamie gets his ass fucked

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Finally! After fucking other dudes, blowing dudes and getting his dick sucked, Jamie now gets his ass fucked. In this week’s Broke Straight Boys video, Mick is the lucky guy to fuck Jamie’s tight virgin asshole. Jamie is in pain, but he needs the cash, so he lets Mick molesting his virgin ass.

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Vinny cums in Zach’s mouth

April 6, 2011

Vinny is a new straight boy where we catch him for the first time to get a hand-job from a guy, a blow-job from a guy and then even cums in Zach’s str8 boy mouth! Vinny reminds us of a model we used to have on Broke Straight Boys, I am sure the long time veterans of BSB know who I am referring to! It honestly surprises us how far we can push them to do things they say they will never do. Let alone on camera!

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Dallas Evans fucks Justin Blakely’s virgin hole

March 1, 2011

Dallas Evans and Justin Blakely are in a playful mood.  They were trying to figure out who should top and who should bottom for their scene and ended up flipping a coin. Leaving everything up to chance is always a wild card, especially when Justin hadn’t had his butt banged on screen yet.  One look at Dallas, with that muscle stud body and big thick dick and how could you not drop your pants and ask for a g0od hardcore ass pounding?

Well, Justin ‘lost’ the coin toss and you can tell he was just so disappointed at having to give it up to Dallas that he worked his cock with everything he had.  They sucked each other off for a good amount of time before Dallas finally flipped over Justin and starting pounding his ass with his huge dick.  Dallas positioned Justin in front of the mirror so he could see his own face while getting his hole rammed for the first time.  It’s so hot seeing him get off on the image of his own cherry being popped.

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Used as a personal House-Slave

January 6, 2011

One year ago he was abducted, used and fucked – and these two horny soldiers kept him as their personal house-slave. Today, Goran gets suspended to a metal bar so his two army masters can abuse him again. Ready for the daily service. Ready at any time.

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Justin Harris and Ray Andres fuck in the Gym

December 2, 2010

You know you have been at the gym watching the hot guy next to you pump it up and wonder what if!  Watch as Justin Harris & Ray Andres explore the fantasy of “what if”!  They pump their muscles then they pump each others hot cocks to a frenzy we have all fantasized about, blowing our loud all over that hot guy next to us at the gym.

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